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Advocacy vs. Activism

In today's age, everyone wants to be famous. Social Media plays a major part in this selfish and self serving trend. We celebrate the likes of Dr. King, Marcus Garvey, Cesar Chavez, Yuri Kochiyama, El Hajj Malik Shabazz, and Mandiba (or at least, I do!). These figures, because of their works achieved fame, though, they did not seek it.  

These people are considered "Civil Rights Activists" by many, but in reality, they were Civil or Equal Rights "Advocates" because they had a personal stake in the successful outcomes of their advocacy.  Modern day "Activists" are self serving, often seeking fame over a successful outcome. 

I bristle every time I hear a person refer to themselves as an "activist." The reason is because they are telling me what they are when it should be ME referring to them as such. This self proclamation is a tell that they seeks only to draw attention to themselves as "THE PERSON" doing the work and not the work that needs to be done.

An ADVOCATE doesn't care about the accolades; they fight to win. Every time they step into the arena they seek a goal achieving knock-out! A street fighter doesn't need Michael Buffer to announce when they will be fighting, Advocates rear up, no matter what the odds, and THROW CLEVELANDS!

I am an Advocate.  My fight is Social Justice and Education Equality. I will fight anyone that attempts to deny People of Colour or the working poor of their Right to Equal Education, Housing, Food, Justice, and Acceptance.  As a Muslim Black Father in a country and society that currently prefers white christian males above all others, I have a stake in ensuring absolute equality for all.  I have the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to do so.  Those KSAs I lack, I learn.  I am relatively anonymous (but for the Right Wing Racists and Libertarians that like to follow me and mail me stuff) and I prefer to keep it that way.  But if you do meet me...say hi.      

I am pretty Awesometastic.

May 4 2013 with Beth Winsted - Anti-Bullying Rally Against Harrah Middle School, Harrah Oklahoma (Principal, Teacher, and kids racially harrassing a young black special needs kid.)

L-R: Marquez "Mr Cool" Jackson, Suzette "FLOOREZZ" Ramos-Flores, Sarah Joseph, Malik Leigh, Lemuel "Trial" Gadson, Joseph "Six Dead Hookers" Trahan.

March 16, 2016 Joe Trahan, speaking for his other 4 classmates and for all of the students in the Palm Beach Lakes Law Academy, accompanied by his Law Teacher, Malik Leigh explaining at the public school board meeting that they are not being given certified teachers, but only substitutes and being taught advance math via Youtube videos - grades falsified to hide the deception.

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