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Hello my friends:

Friday, November 18, 2022 - Last Race of the Year: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

As we prepare for the last race weekend of the year, we all also facing the realization that this may be the last race weekend we can all share together on twitter. Good, bad, or otherwise, we can all admit that through the increased toxicity of the last 24 months of F1 Twitter, its all been kind of fun(ny). But that may all come to an end due to MAN BABY's ignorant destruction of twitter.

Well, as a firm believer of everyone having their own personal website (100% man baby-proof), I am going to TRY to put together a platform that allows F1 Twitter folks to continue to banter, argue, watch races together, know, do all the things we do now.
There will be rules of course: No Racism is the first, second, and third rules. Every person will register and be verified. I will TRY to allow for Memes (because DUH?), and various other things.

I'll hope to have an 
English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese enabled translation, and yes, you can be Banned!

I'm a Team LH guy, but I will "try" to have Banter Boxes for other teams too.

This may succeed or it may fail, but I'm going to try.

I will need help with testing, so if you would like to help out and make yourself available to test with me, leave me a message in the text box below and I'll reach out when I'm ready. This is my dime, so don't were me out about how long it may take. Goal is to be up and running by the first Test Weekend: Bahrain Feb 23.  That is not a lot of time, and I am a practicing litigator as well as run WL WELL VHS, so, if Twitter falls apart, don't wear me out about it before Feb 23.  And I ONLY need 10 people to help test. Leave me your Name, E-Mail, and the type of device you have: iOS (Apple) or Android.

Until then my friends....If twitter just drops out...It's been real!



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